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I had SO much fun doing this snappy little interview!

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I yawned my way through a job in administration for twelve years until, like a lightning bolt, I realized I was a writer trapped in a bureaucrat’s body. I closed my eyes, held my breath and jumped in. Since then I’ve enjoyed many successes, including collaborating with a New York Times bestselling author, scoring a book deal with Simon & Schuster, publishing two novels, seeing my books on the shelves of real life bookstores, landing a job doing the narrative development for a new Nintendo 8-Bit fantasy game, starring in a documentary called “The New 8-Bit Heroes” and meeting and interviewing my hero, 41 times bestselling fantasy author Piers Anthony.

I credit my extraordinary transformation 100% to the Law of Attraction and the unfailing support of my husband Matt. I now teach these principles of success through coaching sessions, workshops, seminars and platform talks.


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My site:  http://www.eaawilson.com

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