2016! Write Your Novel (class)

Right! 2015 is over and I’ve officially forgiven myself for all the resolutions I didn’t keep last year… I still haven’t learned a new language, I still haven’t built an organic veggie garden, and I certainly haven’t joined a gym. But, as my characters in Ascension Denied put it:

“We’re eternal beings. And when we’re dealing with eternity, we have an awful lot of time…”

So thank goodness for eternity, because it means we get another chance. If writing a novel was on your resolutions last year and didn’t quite materialize, here’s another shot!


I’m hosting a four part novel writing luncheon in February in Sarasota, Florida. Lunch is included at all four classes, and at the end you’ll have a full outline of your novel ready for you to turn into your manuscript. If you decide that this is the year to get your novel out of your imagination and into reality, you can expect the following:

2/6/2016: Part 1 – Composting

This is the creative part of writing. Learn how to access your creativity, how to ignite ideas and develop them. Get to know your characters, explore the worlds you’ll build, feel and think your way through a journey. We will also cover brainstorming and research techniques. Creativity and creative expression are intrinsically linked to the health of the sacral and throat chakra so we will also go through a powerful meditation to ignite these. Attendees will leave with tools for doing this in their own time.

2/13/2015: Part 2 – Snowflaking

This part of the course deals with arranging the creativity we revved up in the last class. The entire class will be dedicated to writing the outline of your novel. We will explore the “snowflake” model of writing, and begin to form your ideas into a logical plot. Following this class the facilitator will review your skeleton outline and provide feedback before the next session.

2/20/2016: Part 3 – The Hero’s Journey

In this class we will continue to develop the outline following the snowflake structure. We will explore Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” and identify plot points to ensure our protagonist is experiencing dramatic tension! Your outline will begin to flesh out and by the end of this session you should have the beginning of your manuscript. The facilitator will review your outline and provide feedback before the next session.

2/27/2015: Part 4 – To Market

In this final class we will put the finishing touches on the outline. In addition, we will discuss the various ways to take a final manuscript to market, including approaching agents, traditional publishing, independent publishing, building a readership, using the law of attraction to get out there, and other aspects of success.

$199 for all four classes ($99 for SCOL members), including individual review and feedback.

View the program: Write a Novel

Lots of love from me! Hope to see you in Sarasota in February!

thank you Rick!

 Elizabeth is an author, minister of metaphysics, mom and reluctant bureaucrat. Her comic fantasy novel “Ascension Denied” is set in purgatory but is nonetheless available to the living, now, online, at all major retailers. Stay in touch through:



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