How Generous You Really Are


A few weeks ago I gave a talk at the Sarasota Center of Light on the topic of generosity and giving. Most of us understand the importance of giving, but it can be hard to truly understand what it means. I know that, because I used to be one of them. It is so easy to look at the most altruistic and selfless people, note how much of their money they give away and how often they visit soup kitchens, and then feel down on ourselves because we don’t have the time or the cash to be as generous as them.

But I want to remind you of how generous you really are, and how much you already give.

You are important, skilled, and brimming with incredible things that you can share with those who need it. Here are four extremely easy but valuable ways of giving that are just as good for your soul and for your fellow people on this tiny planet. I suspect you already gracefully give in this manner, and it my hope that this will remind you to feel as generous are you are:

1. Give of your attention.

Did you know some many people go through their day, or week, or year, without ever being really noticed? Perhaps you yourself know how that feels. When someone talks to you, really listen. Pay attention to what they’re saying, understand it and record it in your memory. Analyze it. Is there a meaning behind the words? If so, does it change how you should respond? With more compassion or patience perhaps? See the effect on people when you actively listen. See how you strengthen their confidence, make them feel comfortable around you. Soon what you hear will begin to have a deeper meaning for you too, and in turn it will enrich your life as well.

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” – Bryant H. McGill

2. Give of your knowledge or skill.

Regardless of who you are and what you do, you own a deep reservoir of knowledge that can be useful to others. Sometimes we feel stupid or less capable when we compare ourselves to the brightest lights, but:

“If you judge a fish on his ability to climb a tree he’ll spend his life thinking he’s stupid.” – Albert Einstein

There is something you know that many others don’t. Explore that, embrace it, and study further. Then teach it. Give it away. As you become a mentor to someone you will see how your knowledge and skill develops both them and you. Perhaps you yourself will find a mentor and continue your own path of development, and then who knows what opportunities will come your way? You will end up gaining every grain of knowledge and ounce of skill that you need to manifest your dream.

3. Give of your happiness.

Joy is extremely contagious. It’s also a powerful healing emotion that can inspire the stagnant, cure the stressed or depressed, bring courage to the fearful, you name it. It spreads in the form of good vibes, or karma, or whatever you want to call it. You know the sort of person who carries this highly infectious condition. They brighten the room. They leave you feeling sort of bubbly and excited. You can easily pop on a cheery disposition, adopt that state of joyfulness and let it ripple through your surroundings, brightening your own life and the lives of everyone you meet.

You can’t help everyone, give everything, be everywhere and save the world, but you can give, give, give of this sacred state of consciousness. Focus only on the things that give you joy, and help brighten the world.

4. Give of your thanks.

Be grateful. But meaningfully so. Notice the things in your life, tangible or not, that are yours because of someone else. Give thanks for someone’s time, or an inspiring thought, or a good smell. Express your gratitude simply and genuinely. Wave a thanks to the driver that let you in off the merge lane. Nod and smile to the supermarket attendant who let you squeeze your stuffed cart in front of them. Whenever you get, give thanks.

And not a penny has to leave your bank account. (But I’ll wager you’ll end up giving joyfully of your money very soon, because if you follow my Guide For The Greedy, you’ll end up getting a lot more too.)

Do you have any other hints and tips for giving?

Elizabeth A. A. Wilson

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Why Joy comes Before Kindness

I don’t mean to indoctrinate my children, but I want to establish values. Every parent feels that way, but, like every parent, I think my values are best.

Joy comes first. It’s a simply philosophy, but my belief is that joy is an expression of gratitude, which is in itself a focusing of the vibration known as love. Not only does this philosophy set a high point of attraction for my children, but it also has an incalculable ripple of cause and effect as they spread their golden light moving joyfully through their day. So in our house the number 1 rule is “Have Fun.”

When it Olivia has fun it normally means someone or something needs to go in the laundry later.

Every day when we drop off Olivia (4) at her school, we say “don’t forget rule number 1!

And she responds: “Have Fun!”

It’s one of our little family quirks, I’m sure you have them too.

Today, as Olivia was signing her name in giant, irregular letters in the school sign in sheet, we did our little joy exchange. “Have fun!” she cried, her voice a gleeful little tinkle.

Her teacher turned to me and said, “Well the number 1 rule around here is to be kind.”

It floored me. Because, let’s face it, being kind is pretty important. And when someone questions a parenting principle, as a mother you have no choice but to descend into the strange and multilayered confusing and contradictory state of mind known as “Mama Bear”:

  1. Crippling guilt: I’m always feeling guilty about something, and I’m told it’s a mothering phenomenon. In this situation I suddenly felt profoundly guilty that I’m not teaching my child to be kind: Would she grow up to be that terrifying schoolyard bully who seems to be able to turn anything into a weapon? Like a gym sock with the doorknob broken off from the science lab in it? Or a plastic ruler, snapped and sharpened with a breadknife from the home economics lab? (I still have the scar on my left hand.) What have I done??? Olivia may be the kindest, most well-mannered child right now, but with my awful sub-par parenting it’s only a matter of time before a monster bursts out of her tiny body.
  2. Fury: What did you say??? Be kind?? How dare you, madam? My child is the perfect being learning perfect lessons from her perfect mother, and should you utter any further expression of doubt in my infallible parental values I shall morph into a polar bear and whack you so hard you’ll cannonball across the classroom directly into the chest of dress up clothes. Oh yes! We shall see how you emerge then! Boom! Who’s the teacher now, bitch??
  3. Doubt: But kindness really is important. And joy is such a selfish thing.
  4. Confusion: Wait… What do I really believe here?

In that magical millisecond I processed all the layers, once more resulting in the miracle of rational response (always a surprise). I didn’t whack Miss Tilda across the room, for that would have been neither kind (her rule) nor fun (my rule). Instead my brain checked in with my higher self and computed the veracity and worthiness of my values and churned out the following conclusion:

Kindness is a word that describes behavior, not a state of mind. You can be kind in action while being cruel in thought – and the energy you’re contributing to all-that-is always corresponds to your state of mind, not your deed. Tossing a beggar a coin while silently thinking (and feeling) “take it, you filthy low life” is not truly giving. But if your state of mind is in a love vibration, true kindness is a necessary symptom. You can’t help but be compassionate towards others when your entire being is in a state of joy. Joyfulness is a way of living gratitude, and gratitude is an amplification of love focused toward the aspect of your life for which you are grateful. Like a magnifying glass in the sun. You can check out my article What is Gratitude for an explanation of why this is so, but it goes something like this:


In other words, by living in the practical present state known as JOY you are submitting a vibration to the universe that tells it you are happy and content with the eternal here and now present. This translates as GRATITUDE, and your point of attraction is set to manifest more of what brings you joy. You can’t be in a vibration of gratitude without also being in a vibration of LOVE, because love is the root vibration in this particular case. Kindness therefore naturally follows. Teaching your child to be kind is training them to behave in a certain way, but show your child how to set their state of mind first and their behavior will be an effortless and natural result of their present vibration.

So I didn’t whack Miss Tilda. “Will you respect Miss Tilda’s rule while you’re in her classroom?” I asked Olivia instead, who had joined the other children at the painting table and was dabbing blobs of yellow paint on paper cut outs of lemons and limes (this week is all about the letter L).

“Yeth,” she lisped, too busy having fun to notice the complex and painful exercise of scrutinizing my values that I’d just completed just the split second before.

So, after careful consideration, I stand by my belief that joy comes first.

Now go and have fun! 🙂

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 Elizabeth is a mom, author, minister of metaphysics, and reluctant bureaucrat. Her comic fantasy novel “Ascension Denied” is set in purgatory but is nonetheless available to the living, now, online, at all major retailers. Stay in touch through:

5 Reasons To Give Thanks All Year

What a way to start the way – with gratitude for the year that’s past and gratitude for the blessings to come! Thanks to Austin Wiggins for this simple philosophy. Please show him so love by checking out his blog! ❤

Writings By Ender

   Thanksgiving is tomorrow and many of us will be gathering around a table with friends and family. Many of us too, will be giving thanks before or after we eat. It is a tradition that my parents used to do with me and my brothers. When I moved out of my parents house I forgot about it. For 4 years I didn’t give thanks during Thanksgiving. Looking back now, I realize that I miss giving thanks each year with my family.

  I’ve read a lot of self-help articles, especially about depression. One of the main pieces of advice is to write down things that you are thankful for. This sort of action changes the framework of someone’s brain and thoughts. So this Thanksgiving I’ve decided to look into the effects of gratitude if one were to practice it year long.

  1. Improved Mental Alertness
    Mental alertness is any function…

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2016! Write Your Novel (class)

Right! 2015 is over and I’ve officially forgiven myself for all the resolutions I didn’t keep last year… I still haven’t learned a new language, I still haven’t built an organic veggie garden, and I certainly haven’t joined a gym. But, as my characters in Ascension Denied put it:

“We’re eternal beings. And when we’re dealing with eternity, we have an awful lot of time…”

So thank goodness for eternity, because it means we get another chance. If writing a novel was on your resolutions last year and didn’t quite materialize, here’s another shot!


I’m hosting a four part novel writing luncheon in February in Sarasota, Florida. Lunch is included at all four classes, and at the end you’ll have a full outline of your novel ready for you to turn into your manuscript. If you decide that this is the year to get your novel out of your imagination and into reality, you can expect the following:

2/6/2016: Part 1 – Composting

This is the creative part of writing. Learn how to access your creativity, how to ignite ideas and develop them. Get to know your characters, explore the worlds you’ll build, feel and think your way through a journey. We will also cover brainstorming and research techniques. Creativity and creative expression are intrinsically linked to the health of the sacral and throat chakra so we will also go through a powerful meditation to ignite these. Attendees will leave with tools for doing this in their own time.

2/13/2015: Part 2 – Snowflaking

This part of the course deals with arranging the creativity we revved up in the last class. The entire class will be dedicated to writing the outline of your novel. We will explore the “snowflake” model of writing, and begin to form your ideas into a logical plot. Following this class the facilitator will review your skeleton outline and provide feedback before the next session.

2/20/2016: Part 3 – The Hero’s Journey

In this class we will continue to develop the outline following the snowflake structure. We will explore Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” and identify plot points to ensure our protagonist is experiencing dramatic tension! Your outline will begin to flesh out and by the end of this session you should have the beginning of your manuscript. The facilitator will review your outline and provide feedback before the next session.

2/27/2015: Part 4 – To Market

In this final class we will put the finishing touches on the outline. In addition, we will discuss the various ways to take a final manuscript to market, including approaching agents, traditional publishing, independent publishing, building a readership, using the law of attraction to get out there, and other aspects of success.

$199 for all four classes ($99 for SCOL members), including individual review and feedback.

View the program: Write a Novel

Lots of love from me! Hope to see you in Sarasota in February!

thank you Rick!

 Elizabeth is an author, minister of metaphysics, mom and reluctant bureaucrat. Her comic fantasy novel “Ascension Denied” is set in purgatory but is nonetheless available to the living, now, online, at all major retailers. Stay in touch through: