The Orphanage in Oaxaca

You know how once in a while, as you’re happily going about the important things in life like getting your nails done and making that phone call and buying printer ink, you’re suddenly stopped in your tracks by a cause so worthy it’s like an emotional punch to the gut?

The Casa De Kids project has whacked me so hard I’ve got to say something about it. Reverend Drew Vogt is an incredible bloke. He has been a mentor of mine for the last couple of years, a role model and a shining light for my own personal ministry. A few months ago I found out he’s leaving my spiritual community at Sarasota Center of Light to go and build an orphanage in Oaxaca. Bittersweet: I’ll miss the fellow, but what a worthy cause! It’s the sort of thing we all dream of being a part of – but he’s actually doing it. Reality check! Drew is running an Indigogo campaign to make this happen – please check it out!

The state of Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s most impoverished states.  Every summer for the last nine years, Drew has traveled to visit the orphans in Oaxaca and lend his continued support.  He’s delivered over 1,000 articles of clothing, personal hygiene products, and school supplies to children in need, helping to raise many thousands of dollars in financial support. WOW!

zapotec-boyThis work is life-changing. As the children receive an empowering education, cycles of illiteracy and poverty are broken; they are better able to assist their relatives and become successful in their home-region instead of becoming migrant workers. Rev. Drew’s successes, in combination with other organizations, include 20 students who have completed high school, some who are attending college prep schools and several that are entering college and university. That’s real life stuff, people! Changing lives.

So I’m not hesitating – just a few bucks out of my Starbucks budget is going to support this project. I hope you can share a few pennies too, because when real lives change like this it radiates out into communities like ripples in a pond.

The Indigogo site is here – check it out and if it resonates with you, give what you can and share it with anyone else you think can help.

With love and light!



One thought on “The Orphanage in Oaxaca

  1. Omg Elizabeth, I can’t believe what a wonderful fulfilled woman you have become since meeting and marrying Matthew, bless you and all you do.


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