I Wasn’t Eaten By An Alligator, I’ve Just Been Busy

Dear friend,

I’m sorry it’s been such a long time since I posted an update – but boy have things been nuts! I’m going to try to keep this post short and sweet, a true challenge for any writer let alone one as verbose as me.

  1. “The Humbug Murders”
Pre-Order this Christmas Mystery!
Pre-Order this Christmas Mystery!

I’m am SO THRILLED that the first story in this murder mystery series is available for pre-order (ships 27th October)! The story is set in Dickensian London, and features Ebenezer Scrooge as the reluctant sleuth stalking the stinking streets of London in a race to solve the grizzly Humbug murders before he himself is slaughtered like a Christmas goose. Read more about it here.

And oh gosh, it’s so exciting! It’s my first traditionally published mass market paperback, and it’s generating so much buzz I can hardly keep up. It’s crazy watching your dreams come true like this – humbling, nerve-racking and deeply fulfilling too. The coolest thing? New York Times bestselling author Cleo Coyle totally digs it AND she has asked me to write for her superpopular blog Coffeehouse Mystery – what an honor! Watch for my post there on 11th October.

The book is on tour in Europe at the minute, and will be at Frankfurt Book Fair in October. This is kind of an open secret, but there is a three-book deal on the table and rumor has it TV producers are sniffing around. It’s such a killer concept that I don’t blame them!! (OK, I know I’m biased – but come on! Everyone loves a Scrooge!) I’ve also just heard from our publicist that the book is submitted for the Edgar Awards 2016 – how crazy would it be if it won? The winner last year: Stephen King for “Mr. Mercedes” !! Yikes!

2. “The New 8-Bit Heroes”

Follow The New 8-Bit Heroes project

As most of you know I’m the narrative developer on the Nintendo game Mystic Searches. This is such a cool game – it’s set in a world where dichotomous magic systems are being wiped out by the Mistress of the Void, Amryia. Young Julian, a mystic’s gypsy descendant apprentice, must race to safeguard each magic element in a time and space bending adventure before there is nothing left but Void.

The documentary that covers the production of the game is in full swing, and a year since launch we’ve come a really long way! When I was first commissioned for the this job, I thought I got the easiest end of the deal. I just get to write the story (my favorite thing in the world!) – and don’t even have to think about coding and pixels and bugs and stuff. But, as I quickly found out, when the producers ask you to create a fantasy world, using no words (argh, words are my only medium) and then scale it down into something that fits on a floppy disc, the job doesn’t seem so easy. In fact, it’s been the biggest challenge in my writing career. But I’ve gotten to do some really cool stuff: With a film crew in tow, I’ve been to Norway to interview a folklore specialist, pounded the streets of London to find wordless inspiration, and even had a sit down with the fantasy legend Piers Anthony! Check out this short video update from our producer Joe.

3. “Ascension Denied”

Ascension Denied by E A A Wilson

The reviews are rolling in (go here to read the latest and submit your own – it helps me a LOT!) so the pressure is on now to finish the next book in the series. I had a monumental moment in August when I did my first ever book signing event at Indie Bookfest in Orlando. Having been a huge fan of indie literature for ages I had attended the event in previous years – but never as a real live bona fide author! Meeting so many passionate readers was beyond inspiring and reminded me of how far I’ve come – the very best feeling in the world was being able to showcase that to other aspiring writers and reassure them that they are empowered and in control of the direction they go in life.

4. Roger


You might remember my friend Roger here. His cranium was defiled by over 30 award-winning and best-selling authors at Indie Bookfest 2015, and although I love him dearly we agreed to go our separate ways. Many of you entered the raffle to win him, and according to the Raffle-God Randomizer, Roger’s new owner is Lindy, who I have contacted separately for her mailing address:


Lindy, Roger will add another head to your family soon (don’t worry, he doesn’t eat much).

5. Penelope Rose

My beautiful daughter Penelope
My beautiful daughter Penelope

I saved the best news for last! My husband Matt, my daughter Olivia and I are extremely happy to announce that our new baby girl Penelope Rose was born safely on September 11th 2015. She is an absolute dream – sleeps 5 hours a night, feeds well and enjoys harp music and Tenacious D.

And that’s it from me for now! I love you all and as always, thanks for reading

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E.A.A Wilson is an author, minister of metaphysics, mom and reluctant bureaucrat. Her comic fantasy novel “Ascension Denied” is set in purgatory but is nonetheless available to the living, now, online, at all major retailers. Stay in touch through:


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