I Wasn’t Eaten By An Alligator, I’ve Just Been Busy

Dear friend,

I’m sorry it’s been such a long time since I posted an update – but boy have things been nuts! I’m going to try to keep this post short and sweet, a true challenge for any writer let alone one as verbose as me.

  1. “The Humbug Murders”
Pre-Order this Christmas Mystery!
Pre-Order this Christmas Mystery!

I’m am SO THRILLED that the first story in this murder mystery series is available for pre-order (ships 27th October)! The story is set in Dickensian London, and features Ebenezer Scrooge as the reluctant sleuth stalking the stinking streets of London in a race to solve the grizzly Humbug murders before he himself is slaughtered like a Christmas goose. Read more about it here.

And oh gosh, it’s so exciting! It’s my first traditionally published mass market paperback, and it’s generating so much buzz I can hardly keep up. It’s crazy watching your dreams come true like this – humbling, nerve-racking and deeply fulfilling too. The coolest thing? New York Times bestselling author Cleo Coyle totally digs it AND she has asked me to write for her superpopular blog Coffeehouse Mystery – what an honor! Watch for my post there on 11th October.

The book is on tour in Europe at the minute, and will be at Frankfurt Book Fair in October. This is kind of an open secret, but there is a three-book deal on the table and rumor has it TV producers are sniffing around. It’s such a killer concept that I don’t blame them!! (OK, I know I’m biased – but come on! Everyone loves a Scrooge!) I’ve also just heard from our publicist that the book is submitted for the Edgar Awards 2016 – how crazy would it be if it won? The winner last year: Stephen King for “Mr. Mercedes” !! Yikes!

2. “The New 8-Bit Heroes”

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As most of you know I’m the narrative developer on the Nintendo game Mystic Searches. This is such a cool game – it’s set in a world where dichotomous magic systems are being wiped out by the Mistress of the Void, Amryia. Young Julian, a mystic’s gypsy descendant apprentice, must race to safeguard each magic element in a time and space bending adventure before there is nothing left but Void.

The documentary that covers the production of the game is in full swing, and a year since launch we’ve come a really long way! When I was first commissioned for the this job, I thought I got the easiest end of the deal. I just get to write the story (my favorite thing in the world!) – and don’t even have to think about coding and pixels and bugs and stuff. But, as I quickly found out, when the producers ask you to create a fantasy world, using no words (argh, words are my only medium) and then scale it down into something that fits on a floppy disc, the job doesn’t seem so easy. In fact, it’s been the biggest challenge in my writing career. But I’ve gotten to do some really cool stuff: With a film crew in tow, I’ve been to Norway to interview a folklore specialist, pounded the streets of London to find wordless inspiration, and even had a sit down with the fantasy legend Piers Anthony! Check out this short video update from our producer Joe.

3. “Ascension Denied”

Ascension Denied by E A A Wilson

The reviews are rolling in (go here to read the latest and submit your own – it helps me a LOT!) so the pressure is on now to finish the next book in the series. I had a monumental moment in August when I did my first ever book signing event at Indie Bookfest in Orlando. Having been a huge fan of indie literature for ages I had attended the event in previous years – but never as a real live bona fide author! Meeting so many passionate readers was beyond inspiring and reminded me of how far I’ve come – the very best feeling in the world was being able to showcase that to other aspiring writers and reassure them that they are empowered and in control of the direction they go in life.

4. Roger


You might remember my friend Roger here. His cranium was defiled by over 30 award-winning and best-selling authors at Indie Bookfest 2015, and although I love him dearly we agreed to go our separate ways. Many of you entered the raffle to win him, and according to the Raffle-God Randomizer, Roger’s new owner is Lindy, who I have contacted separately for her mailing address:


Lindy, Roger will add another head to your family soon (don’t worry, he doesn’t eat much).

5. Penelope Rose

My beautiful daughter Penelope
My beautiful daughter Penelope

I saved the best news for last! My husband Matt, my daughter Olivia and I are extremely happy to announce that our new baby girl Penelope Rose was born safely on September 11th 2015. She is an absolute dream – sleeps 5 hours a night, feeds well and enjoys harp music and Tenacious D.

And that’s it from me for now! I love you all and as always, thanks for reading

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E.A.A Wilson is an author, minister of metaphysics, mom and reluctant bureaucrat. Her comic fantasy novel “Ascension Denied” is set in purgatory but is nonetheless available to the living, now, online, at all major retailers. Stay in touch through:

Talk: Turning Darkness Into Light

If you’re in or can travel to Sarasota, FL tomorrow, I’ll be doing an inspirational talk titled “Turning Darkness Into Light”. This talk will give practical and real life techniques for mastering our internal shadows and using our failures as launching pads for success. Very useful if you, like most of us, sometimes feel bogged down by your own thoughts!

Hope to see you there!

Sarasota Center of Light on Tuttle/Browning at 10.30am and 7pmsunrise

Validating God – and why “just feel it and believe it” doesn’t work for me.

Not all people on the path of spirituality are feelers. There are thinkers among us. And that’s not to say that feeling types don’t think, or that thinking types don’t feel. It’s just a way of classifying how we process information around us.

As an author my job is to make stuff up and write it down. From the reservoirs of imagination, I have to design worlds and interesting folks to go in them. For some writers this is as easy as visualizing an alien civilization that lives on the surface of a spherical planet revolving around a sun – in a universe where gravity doesn’t exist…? I wish I could violate logic like that! But I just can’t. I’ve tried. I end up feeling the wrinkling of my nose from a disgusted disbelief. You see, the thinking type within me needs to know that any world I create, even though fictional, operates within structured parameters that make universal sense. For example, if I incorporate into my stories a fluorescent species of butterfly that makes thunder with its elbows, I need to first figure out what sort of environment would allow that kind of creature to evolve. There must be physical laws. There must be natural laws. There must be vibrational laws. Even if they’re wildly different from ours, they have to be there to validate that physical existence. Understanding those laws helps me to create – and it helps my readers suspend their disbelief about what they’re reading, because it makes sense.

In the same way, I have a deep need to intellectualize spirituality. It’s not as easy for me to just “feel it and believe it”. For me, it needs to make sense, have pattern, and be provable. Oh, I’m not reliant on scientific proof, I understand entirely that the esoteric cannot easily be proven in the physical. Even in the secular, scientific realm ‘evidence’ is a very subjected and disputed thing. Although I see modern science make fast progress towards the ability to measure what spiritual teachings have told us for thousands of years, I’m not one to wait. In the meantime give me sound anecdotal evidence, or, more importantly, experiential evidence, that makes sense within the realms of known physical, natural and vibrational laws.

So I go seeking that proof. I read widely on spirituality, science, myth, legend and life. I read widely and skeptically.  It has taken me a lot of training not to get pissed off with text that doesn’t fit my beliefs, or that contrasts other perfectly valid sources, but instead to pull out the perspectives that either resonate or enlighten me. In that way my understanding of all-that-is has evolved continuously, and is by no means complete.

I also ask for signs from spirit – and then I feel frustration if they don’t come, and doubt when they do. A sign can come as clear as crystal, so specific there’s little room for question, and yet the ego voice in my mind will say “coincidence, nothing more.”

I’ve found my spiritual mentors have often offered gentle criticism for this habit of mine.

Looking for signs, asking for guidance from literature, seeking approval…These are just symptoms of the yearning for validation, from those around us or from higher realms. It shows insecurity, lack of faith in oneself, and doubt.”

Our spiritual leaders teach us that all we really need in order to embrace our greatness exists inside of us already. That there is no need to seek validation and that our higher selves already know the answers. That seeking approval is a habit of the ego mind. Not a soul thing.

And that’s fair enough. But they use “ego” as a label for something lesser than “soul”. And is that fair?

You have an ego mind – yes, and it is valid! It is a logical, rational piece of equipment that uses complex cognitive processes brilliantly engineered by evolution, and it helps you make sense of your world in a way that brings the lessons your soul yearns for. And if you’re anything like me, it helps you suspend your disbelief about the wonder you’re surrounded by.

Your goal isn’t to become a perfect spiritual being that is separate from the dense, physical ego. You already are a perfect spiritual being. If there was no value in the self-deprecating, insecure chatter of the mind then we wouldn’t have agreed to be a part of this thick fog that is physical life.

For me, if I can validate it, then I can intellectualize it. If I can intellectualize it, then I can understand it. And if I can understand it, I can believe it. And once I can believe it, I can be at peace with it.

I don’t know about you, but my spiritual awakening was like a sudden jolt to the gut when I was thirty. Before that I wasn’t exactly deep in slumber – I always did have some vague awareness of a connection with something higher – but I was stumbling around in a drowsy state of groggy incoherence. Mostly because I was drunk. (And I was mostly drunk because I was desperately searching, but that’s another story altogether!)

I had my feet firmly planted in proud agnosticism, comfortable in not having to commit to anything (a philosophy I still stand by). I declared that any sort of God-force, whatever it was, couldn’t be defined so it was folly to even try.

Then, when I came into the understanding that there are fundamental universal laws, primarily the law of vibration, that alarm clock went off and I woke up with a start. Everything changed. These laws, once understood as far as is individually possible, cannot define God but do provide the framework that starts making sense of it all.

It is not through blind faith that we get to truly understand things. Feelers may be able to better process their spirituality through their sensing and emotional tools, and that is also validation. But for thinking types, the intellect is incredibly important in providing substance to faith.

So “feel it and believe it” doesn’t work for me. It’s not how I build my faith. It is through the duality of recognizing doubt, processing it, understanding how the element I’m questioning fits in with a bigger picture, and then either accepting it as a part of a universal truth, or discarding it. I have to continuously refine my faith as I learn, whether that learning takes place in meditation, prayer, study, observing life or gaining wisdom through experience. I suspect I’ll always be unable to settle on a belief system and say: “There, that’s the Truth. It’s written here in this old book and it’s infallible.”

Because it is in the contrasts of life that I can better know God.

E.A.A Wilson is an author, minister of metaphysics, mom and reluctant bureaucrat. Her comic fantasy novel “Ascension Denied” is set in purgatory but is nonetheless available to the living, now, online, at all major retailers. Stay in touch through: