Children and Choices (and a free gift for you)

Rosemary's Piano

Ok, I admit I’ve complained about pregnancy. The swollen sausage fingers and the endlessly expanding dimensions have contributed to my life one of the shittiest mornings ever. I’m also looking forward to my giant boobs not being so sweaty all the the time, and for the silver daggers of sciatica to cease stabbing my left hip with the fervor of Norma Bates.

But pregnancy brings a promise: of new life, renewal, potential and growth. Today it’s only a month until my baby girl arrives! What excites me the most is definitely the adventure of getting to know her. She has a lifetime of moments ahead of her, full of choices and split-second flashes of creation – her life unfolding with every fleeting millisecond that gets her attention.

Many parents tell me they only want the very best for their children – to protect them from harm and for the younglets to grow up with everything they had to live without. But I don’t agree. Shadow is as much a part of life as Light – it brings great lessons and helps us shape our perspectives, our vision and our impulses to act. I want my daughters to experience the richness of making choices, good ones and bad ones, and to live the renewal that comes with wisdom. I know I’ll anguish over their pain when they hurt, but I also know that in every decision they make they are growing and expanding into the soul path they’ve chosen. The girls are not mine, they are theirs, and I celebrate them wholeheartedly knowing all is well with their souls. My mission is not to tell them which choices are the right ones, but to equip them with the tools to understand how to make decisions in alignment with their goals, to understand the laws of cause and effect, and to have the confidence and grace to deal with consequences.

I’m celebrating being a month away from meeting this fascinating new person, my tiny little baby girl who will add so much depth and love to our lives. Please, enjoy this little children’s story about renewal. It’s free on Kindle apps and it’s my gift to you.

Rosemary's Piano

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