The Dead are the Countrymen of my Future


We have this hilarious habit of adapting very quickly to new realities and considering them norm. We reprogram our perspectives so fast. We have more money, stuff, freedom of speech, human liberties and creative expression now than ever before in our history, yet here we are, complaining that we’re just so very poor. In some ways it’s a good thing – I think we’re designed to always yearn for more: it keeps us striving for growth, whether it’s financial, material, personal or spiritual. And on the other hand, we do tend to keep ourselves down in the dumps that way.

This idea was what got me pondering the afterlife in the first place. If there is a life after death, and we turn up there shortly after perishing from some hideous and gruesome demise, how long will it be before we adopt it as the norm and consider it mundane? If the angels built us a purgatorial world where we could recuperate and rest following this shocking life we lead, how long will it be before we fill it with bureaucracy? Taxable incomes? Competing with fellow dead souls for attention in an immortal world where the population is constantly increasing (we certainly haven’t slowed down our death rate). And when life after death is the norm, will we still fear the unknown yet to come? In “Ascension Denied” I created just such a purgatory, where the same fears we have on Earth lead to strange deals and corruption even in the hereafter. I loved writing this – both because it’s side-splittingly funny, and because it reminded me to live like paradise is already here. To live like I’m in Heaven already.

Because it really is true. It’s just a matter of reprogramming our perspective.

E.A.A Wilson is an author, minister of metaphysics, mom and reluctant bureaucrat. Her comic fantasy novel “Ascension Denied” is set in purgatory but is nonetheless available to the living, now, online, at all major retailers. Stay in touch through:

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