To Die is Different From What Anyone Supposed


We’ve known about the conversation of energy for a looooooooooooooooong time, all the way back to Thales’ philosophies about 550 BCE. The notion gets really interesting when we pair it with our newest and most mysterious discoveries in quantum mechanics – where we can literally see particles popping in and out of existence, changing their fundamental characteristics depending on whether or not we’re watching them, obscenely violating all known physical laws, and behaving, as Einstein put it, rather “spookily”. If you believe in the soul, as many of us do, it’s rather easy to spot the mechanics of an afterlife then. Energy transforming, transcending into essence that reunites with Einstein’s “unified field” – the consciousness of “All-That-Is”.

It’s easy for skeptics to criticize these ideas, of course, because the esoteric can’t be proven in the physical. And they should question these ideas. We should question all ideas.

E.A.A Wilson is an author, minister of metaphysics, mom and reluctant bureaucrat. Her comic fantasy novel “Ascension Denied” is set in purgatory but is nonetheless available to the living, now, online, at all major retailers. Stay in touch through:


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