How to write a FEARLESS book while hiding under the bed

Brilliant insight by my author colleague Jennifer Skutelsky.

Musings Of Orientation

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WorldWarZA couple of nights ago I had a dream. The subject matter may have had to do with reading WORLD WAR Z before bed after watching the movie twice (not on the same day), so you could say I got what I deserved. Did I dream I was trapped in a dangerous place with Brad Pitt? Ohnonono. I dreamed I was at the bottom of the zombie pile swarming up a wall, with bits of my brain dribbling onto my shoulders under the weight of rotting zombie feet. It was unfortunate, but what did it teach me? That it’s better to be the zombie who has a shot at the helicopter than the zombie sucking mud. And here I’ll do as Maggie Smith suggests–never explain. Okay, I’ll explain a bit.

As we stagger or float through Publishing Today, our books are in danger of sucking…

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