The Unintelligent Atheists

Dear restaurant-owner,

As always, I spent the first ten minutes of my day deep in prayer. But today my thoughts wouldn’t focus. I was thinking about my eyes, you see. What you said to me yesterday over coffee made my eyeballs shrivel up until they were withered like raisins, and now I can’t get on with my day until I say my piece.

“There’s obviously a God,” you said, stirring your mug of Americano. I shrugged. Obvious is such a subjective word. “The evidence is all around,” you continued, and I nodded with an eyebrow slightly raised. Evidence is pretty subjective too. “Atheists must be unintelligent,” you concluded, and I snorted into my hot java, burning my eyeballs from the scolding splash-back.

You’d been droning on about religious freedom for the last half an hour, about your right to refuse service to gays (though you didn’t mention your right to refuse service to shrimp-eaters, the tattooed or those who wear polyester, all as detestable as gay love in the often-misquoted Leviticus), and I’d run out of etiquette.

The ‘unintelligent’ atheists. This is the group of people who first had the courage to challenge patriarchal convention and put question marks around the limited, pre-scientific understanding of the universe. Their reluctance to accept “because it says so in this book” as a satisfactory answer to the mysteries of the most high was pivotal in driving the scientific understanding that we rely on.

Oh, but their blasphemy is deplorable to you? That’s ok. You don’t have to change your beliefs. In the same way, the fact that your daughter is allowed to read is deplorable to our Taliban friends. The axiom “One Nation, Under God” is deplorable to many atheists. My use of the “argument by shrimp” above may be deplorable to Jews, and your remorseless violation of certain sections of your own scripture in the attempt to uphold arbitrarily chosen prejudices is certainly deplorable to me. Or does religious freedom only apply to Judeo-Christian faiths?

If you, like me, have faith in the higher power and the intelligent design, and you believe that God is infallible, that unconditional love is the essence, the very construct of everything, then you’ll agree that we’re all here looking for the Light. I see it in the flowers, I see it in the clouds, I see it shining the eyes of the faithful—whether their faith is in God, nature, science, themselves, or in all of us. I’m in awe of my atheist brothers and sisters, who stand courageous in the face of their own mortality and drive humanity towards the Light despite having no crumbling papyrus scripture threatening them with pits of belching sulfur.

And in the contrast of our faiths we can refine our understanding of the Truth, whatever form it takes. We’re truth-seekers, after all.

Just had to get that off my chest.

Love and light,

E. A. A. Wilson

E. A. A. Wilson is an ordained minister, metaphysician and writer. Visit her site here.

Sinking Ship – by Daniel Quinn


The ship was sinking—and sinking fast. The captain told the passengers and crew, “We’ve got to get the lifeboats in the water right away.”

But the crew said, “First we have to end capitalist oppression of the working class. Then we’ll take care of the lifeboats.”

Then the women said, “First we want equal pay for equal work. The lifeboats can wait.”

The racial minorities said, “First we need to end racial discrimination. Then seating in the lifeboats will be allotted fairly.”

The captain said, “These are all important issues, but they won’t matter a damn if we don’t survive. We’ve got to lower the lifeboats right away!”

But the religionists said, “First we need to bring prayer back into the classroom. This is more important than lifeboats.”

Then the pro-life contingent said, “First we must outlaw abortion. Fetuses have just as much right to be in those lifeboats as anyone else.”

The right-to-choose contingent said, “First acknowledge our right to abortion, then we’ll help with the lifeboats.”

The socialists said, “First we must redistribute the wealth. Once that’s done everyone will work equally hard at lowering the lifeboats.”

The animal-rights activists said, “First we must end the use of animals in medical experiments. We can’t let this be subordinated to lowering the lifeboats.”

Finally the ship sank, and because none of the lifeboats had been lowered, everyone drowned.

The last thought of more than one of them was, “I never dreamed that solving humanity’s problems would take so long—or that the ship would sink so SUDDENLY.”

“If the world is saved, it will not be saved by old minds with new programs but by new minds with no programs at all.”

Daniel Quinn

The state of things

A hot article – I am certain the darkness is turning into light, but I believe our role in the solution is not to try to fix what is broken, but to sledgehammer it completely and start fresh…

Russell Chapman

The human-race is like a car which is rolling towards the edge of a cliff and instead of hitting the brakes we seem to be hitting the gas.

United Nations At the UN Headquarters, “let us beat our swords into ploughshares”

The vast majority of people just want to get on with their lives, wanting to raise their families in security both financially and physically, but we now live in a time when that is becoming harder and harder for more and more people. Society is becoming very deeply divided and tribal, politics,religion race and wealth are the dividing factors.

After World War 2, there was a period when things seemed to be going reasonably well. During that time we saw nations rebuilding themselves along with the fall of colonialism, businesses were booming and the quality of life was improving for the majority, medical care was made easily available, housing was easy…

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Backstabbing in Purgatory…

E A A Wilson’s Ascension Denied is released May 14th 2015 (Ascension Day). Here’s a quick taster…

A hilarious tale of mystery, adventure and the search for freedom, where angels and humans struggle to navigate their weaknesses in a complex and fascinating afterlife.

Purgatory is in trouble. In a bureaucratic afterlife where science, theology and utter confusion are entwined, something is preventing the dead from ascending… Can Alice unclog a corrupt system before the streets are overrun by dead people? And what happens when two drunk guardian angels accidentally open the doors to Hell?

Ascension Denied
Original cover art by Danielle Beebe

“A wondrous, masterfully-assured debut novel. Fantastical, romantic, and piercingly satirical, this tale of bureaucracy and backstabbing in purgatory is a slice of literary heaven. If you like Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, you’ll love this!”

Scott Ciencin, NY Times bestselling author

“With the humor of Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, and the biting satire of Vonnegut or Twain, E.A.A. Wilson takes us on an adventure that upends our expectations about the afterlife and skewers religion, business, and the banal trappings of modern life. Ascension Denied is that rare book that stands alone as an exciting, entertaining fantasy but that also has the guts to take an unflinching look at the world we actually live in. I can’t recommend this book highly enough and know that readers will enjoy it.”

Rob Griffith, award-winning author of The Moon From Every Window

“Great imagination…thought-provoking ideas.”

Kirkus Reviews

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How to write a FEARLESS book while hiding under the bed

Brilliant insight by my author colleague Jennifer Skutelsky.

Musings Of Orientation

Photo courtesy of © Kim Baker (

WorldWarZA couple of nights ago I had a dream. The subject matter may have had to do with reading WORLD WAR Z before bed after watching the movie twice (not on the same day), so you could say I got what I deserved. Did I dream I was trapped in a dangerous place with Brad Pitt? Ohnonono. I dreamed I was at the bottom of the zombie pile swarming up a wall, with bits of my brain dribbling onto my shoulders under the weight of rotting zombie feet. It was unfortunate, but what did it teach me? That it’s better to be the zombie who has a shot at the helicopter than the zombie sucking mud. And here I’ll do as Maggie Smith suggests–never explain. Okay, I’ll explain a bit.

As we stagger or float through Publishing Today, our books are in danger of sucking…

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