God-Man or Not God-Man. Those are your choices.

Took me years to realize you don’t have to decide.

Stories of Light

This is the terrible, but true, story of how I pissed off a priest. Only read on if you are unafraid of lightning bolts and eternal pits of belching sulfur…

The story takes us back 17 years to a dark little industrial town in Norway where the economy was primarily kept alive by a weapons factory. Most people who have lived in such places know that paradigms are unshakable, dogma is solid, and minds are tightly closed.

As far as spirituality went, you belonged in one of two boxes:

1. Christian

Godman I’m yours, God-Man!

Core belief according to small town creed: There is a white God-man up there, with a beard, probably a staff of some sort.

God-man blesses some people and damns others. He gave people free will but you’ll burn in hell forever if you practice it.

Once he sent a giant flood and a little man called…

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