How to Give: A Guide for the Greedy

Do you think you’re completely broke after Christmas? You’re not. You have more to give!

Stories of Light

Giving is profoundly good for the soul. It’s also a prerequisite for getting.

Everyone knows you don’t get without giving. That goes for everything: Friendship, wealth, even herpes.

But it can be really hard to give. If you’re poor, stingy, Scrooge-like or strapped for cash because your assets are tied up in your sparkling possessions, there is hope. If you’re too busy watching Biggest Loser or Game of Thrones to volunteer for the homeless, no problem. Here are four secret ways to give without ever having to dip into your wallet or set foot in a dirty soup kitchen.

You are important, skilled, and brimming with incredible things that you can share with those who need it. Here are four extremely easy but valuable ways of giving that are just as good for your soul and for your fellow people on this tiny planet:

1. Give of your…

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