Oh, How I Failed in 2014!

Then there’s proof I’ve been VERY busy…

I failed a lot in 2014: My novels were rejected by 12 publishing houses. I accidentally sent an anti-Church memoir to a Catholic publishing house. My short stories were rejected by more than 50 literary journals. Kirkus slaughtered “Ascension Denied”. And my dear writing partner Scott Ciencin buggered off to the afterlife and left me with a whopping job.

BUT! Thanks to YOUR support, I plodded on!

  • “The Humbug Murders” became my first major sale to one of NY’s biggest publishing houses for a sizable advance.
  • The Catholic publishing house reviewed my anti-Church story and LOVED it!
  • I have a novel going mass market paperback under the same imprint as Mary Higgins Clark and Stephen King!
  • “Ascension Denied” is now MUCH better for the impetus Kirkus gave me and is coming out in May.
  • I’m starring in a documentary, and writing a Nintendo game.
  • These successes have contributed to more than doubling our household income in one year!! I’ve never seen so many dollars! I’ve had to give them all away!

The formula is clear: the more we fail, the more we win. I plan to fail twice as much in 2015.

Happy New Year one and all – THANK YOU for believing in me!!


2 thoughts on “Oh, How I Failed in 2014!

  1. Well, well, Wilson! We have always believed in you. Your guts are equal to mine, so of course you succeed, Congratulations with your achievements in 2014, and 2015 will get even better. A happy new year to you and your family!


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