Alice (a dead woman) and Raen-El (a pissed off celestial being) discuss the nature of angels.

The two of them sat in gentle rocking silence for a few moments, looking in different directions up at the indescribable myriad of books and scrolls.

“Which one do you need?” Alice asked, eventually.

“I need the Book of Revelation. It should contain a description of how to transcend in the flesh to Earth. From there it should be much easier to get to Fo.”

“There’s nothing like that in the Book of Revelation,” offered Alice, somewhat perplexed.

Ascension Denied Alice
Alice Shepherd: Dead, but still learning.

“Not in the abridged version you’re familiar with. The scriptures contained within this library are bloated with ancient knowledge, knowledge inherited directly from the first angels closest to the Source. The first angels passed on the knowledge to subsequent generations, with the intent that all wisdom should be shared with man. But unfortunately back then (and in fact even to this day) we hadn’t figured out exactly how to get through to humans, their minds often too polluted with their own earthly agendas. So the messages of angels were distorted, misunderstood, edited, and forgotten. They gave up trying to impart Celestial wisdom and decided to try to guide humans through life instead, allowing them to earn wisdom with age. It sort of worked. Well, it worked better for humans that way; you were never very good with divine knowledge. But it did mean that universal wisdom was archived in here, locked away and pretty much forgotten about. I don’t think there are any Guardians in Eadar who remember what’s in here. Most probably don’t even remember these holding vaults exist.”

“How do you know about it then?” asked Alice, and true to her character immediately regretted the audacity.

“I pay attention,” was the angel’s short reply.

“So, what you were saying about forgotten wisdom, that must be why there are so many religions.” Alice started pulling the oar side to side, changing the angle of the blade as she did, and gently thrusting the boat forward on both strokes. A wavy turquoise glow bounced off her face as the little green dinghy glided along.

“There are many reasons for that,” Raen muttered, watching thousands of ancient gospels climb towards the high ceilings. “The predominant one being none of us can even begin to imagine that we could understand the multiverse. Yet we can’t help trying to answer answerless questions.”

Ascension Denied: Raen-El
Raen-El: You think you hate your job? Try being a goddamn angel.

Alice tried not to stare at the angel’s unreasonably convex biceps. “There are loads of books in here, I bet we could find out the real…you know. Truth about it all?”

“This Celestial Library?” laughed Raen-El. “Not even a fraction of all the divine knowledge contained in the big everything. Only divine knowledge from the third triad of angels is stored here, and then only that pertaining to Earth and her species.”

“Third triad?” asked Alice.

“Do you know anything about angels?”

“Ah, there’s lots of…angels, and you are all very, um, loving. And protective,” Alice said and sat up.

“Do you want me to tell you a bit about angels? I know you like learning things.”

Alice held her breath, trying not to betray her excitement with a giant grin.

“There are three triads, as we call them. The first triad is the closest to the Source, and this triad is made up of the Seraphim, the Cherubim, and the Thrones. They deal with the very concept of ‘is’. To understand this mysterious group we need to look deep within ourselves, far into the depths of the microcosm, where even the most gigantic material structure is reduced to nothing more than miniscule bursts of energy.”

“The Seraphim?”

“Precisely. They project what we know as Seraphic Light. Known by many as the love of God, it’s what we’re all made of, on a quantum physical level at least. And the Cherubim represent the fullness of divine knowledge—mysteries of the universe are contained in them. There are also the Thrones—they are angels of wisdom, truth, and fairness. Of course, we’re talking about wisdom, truth, and fairness applying to the great equilibrium of the mysteries of the most high, not the petty sort of stuff you and I can comprehend.

“What about the second triad?” Alice asked, watching with frustration as answers to profound enigmas went unread while she navigated the boat along bright and clear water.

“The second triad deals with the universe on a much vaster level. Swirling endlessly through time; expanding, vanishing, and being reborn forever. Dominions, they’re my least favorite angels. I’ve never met one, but they apply the laws of cause and effect over the divine creation, making my job almost impossible to do without cocking up something on some level. Virtues are angels that control the elements, so they are heavily involved in the creation of new worlds across the universe. And finally, Powers. They’re the keepers of time. All that has been and all that will be is kept safe, which I can only imagine is a fairly complicated undertaking.”

“And the third triad, then. That must be where you belong.”

“Yes, I belong to the third triad,” said Raen, and winked at Alice, sending a shockwave up her pizzazz. “Principalities, Arch Angels and us: the Guardians. Together we deal with beings. Creatures of creation that fill the universe. Principalities understand every single creature in every single world. That’s a lot of souls to be concerned with. Arch Angels are the sort of administrators, really. They oversee all the comings and goings of angelic life. And then there’s Guardians. And you know what our purpose is: to guard and guide the perfect souls of the divine. We have counter-parts in every world across the giant sea of everything. You’ll notice of course, that there’s nobody left to guard our souls. Yep, we’re the third triad – the lowest of the low.”

Alice sat in amazed silence and she continued steering the little boat and sneaking glances at one of the Source’s most awesome ideas, whose wet clothes were still clinging to his perfect celestial body.

Ascension Denied – coming soon.


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