5 questions: Find out if your Goal is actually your Goal

I needed a reminder today.

Stories of Light

The response I got in my inbox from my article “What are you here for?” was overwhelming!

(Truthfully, there were only about eight emails and I wasn’t completely overwhelmed. My boss sent me 463 emails in the half an hour preceding my post going out, so my perspective was a little skew-whiff.)

But there was a theme in those responses I got, and it called me to have a good think about it.

  • I asked you the question: Do you believe in fate? Do you have a purpose? Are you living it?
  • And the answer you gave me was: How can I know if this is my purpose? I have plenty of goals – how can I know which of these goals is the true one?

Alright, I can take on that question. To find out if the goal you’re focused on is really the thing you truly desire, your…

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