The New 8-Bit Nintendo Game: Mystic Searches

What happens when you take a team of accomplished yet unstable artists with voluptuous imaginations and make them squeeze their artwork into a tiny 8-bit world? This documentary, that’s what.

Mystic Searches is a brand new 8-bit Nintendo game – as it was originally intended! This is as far from The “New” 3DS as you can get. An actual playable NES game, ported to a cartridge and playable on the real hardware! (No longer in possession of the real hardware? Sssh, there are sneaking rumors that bona fide NES will be available on Kickstarter coming soon – watch this space!)

We’ve assembled a team of critically acclaimed, award-winning, nationally renowned, creatively badass artists to write, develop, produce and launch this insane endeavor. Who? Check it out here. (Since I’m the fantasy novelist I’ve been tricked into writing the narrative development for this fantasy game. How can such a thing be possible in 8-bit??)

It is now our mission to make the new 8 bit Nintendo game, Mystic Searches. While creating the project, we’re shooting a documentary of the process to showcase not only how the 8-bit NES aesthetic is alive and well, but also others active in homebrew community, just as passionate about their projects as we are about ours. If this is you, be sure to follow the project by liking our Facebook page and checking out our site.

Oh, and while we’re at it, we’re going to compile a list of resources and develop tutorials for others who have similar aspirations of seeing their creative ideas realized on an actual NES console…and I can’t WAIT to see what you guys come up with!

So a game called Mystic Searches will be produced, a documentary called The New 8-bit Heroes will be produced, and a tutorial series probably called NesQuest will be produced…and this is where to find information.

Mwah, mwah, love you all.



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