And speaking of giving and receiving…

Speaking of giving and receiving (read my article specifically for greedy people if you don’t like giving)…

First, I ask:

  • Can you help breathe some life into my author page on Facebook? I have 221 likes which is far from enough if I’m going to be an Earth-shatteringly wealthy bestseller. Ascension Denied is such a cracking story, and I really believe in it – but I’m more of a pen-monkey than I am a book promoter. I didn’t even know what a blog tour was until last week. Just before I got told they don’t work.

The Facebook page is here, it’s brimming with concept art from my book Ascension Denied (soon out!) and if you like it, please like it.

Then, I offer: 

Please paste your Facebook page in the comments below and I’ll return the favor.

Then, I thank:

Thank you! Thank you, genuinely and simply, for helping me. As we plod along, finding our way, stumbling and learning through this overgrown hedge maze, we are not competitors. We are co-travelers. 

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