RIP Scott Ciencin

It’s with deep sadness that I announce the sudden and unexpected passing of my very dear friend and writing partner Scott Ciencin, on Tuesday 5 August.

It has taken me a few days to build up the courage to share this. Scott was, apart from being a phenomenal author and a huge icon in YA literature with an impressive bibliography, a man with a heart as deep as the ocean.

Three years ago, when I decided to start writing, I reached out through the business network for anyone who might be willing to help me. I didn’t expect someone of Scott’s talent, track record and gravitas to respond. But that was Scott. Never too big to reach down and give a little person a helping hand.

Without abandon he offered me everything he knew. He mentored me through the gruelling early days, he spent hours and hours with me explaining the industry. He asked me to partner with him on a mystery series, and we started creating together, writing a whole new world and producing an amazing book which we eventually sold to S&S Gallery under the penname LJ Oliver.

We sat together for hours only a few days ago, plotting the next book, planning our social strategy, and laughing. I still don’t feel awake to this sad, sad truth that he is gone.

Scott was a man who shared and shared and gave and gave. His legacy is not in the many wonderful books he wrote, but in the lives he awakened, and the people who are who they are because of his kindness.

Even though he is gone too soon, and even though he had so many stories left to write, he left our world fulfilled. He met his soulmate Denise 20 years ago and was as in love with her now as he ever was. Scott, thank you for everything: your insights, your help, your endless patience and humor, your friendship and your love.

Good luck on your next adventure.

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