You are H20

Water does stuff that we don’t do. Like evaporate. Be a place for shrimp to die. Lie on my bathroom floor until I slip on it. Scare the shit out of my cat. Be a toilet for whales.

But it has some similarities with us too.

1. Stagnant water stinks…

…like rotting eggy mushrooms. It’s vile. Sometimes one of those fat bubbles will rise to the surface and belch more mustard-colored ooze into the atmosphere.

And a stagnant person gives off the same vibrational fumes of boredom, underachievement, frustration, anger, low self-esteem… But if you could sieve all that algae and fungus and whatever else out of the water, the pure water is still there. The best way to do that is to get the water flowing again. If you have stagnated, recognize that and take action. (How? Start by remembering your goal.)

2. Water flows over obstacles.

When water flowing down a stream meets a stick or a stone in its path, it doesn’t build up pressure to try and blast the obstacle out of its way. It simply changes its course. Flows over it. In metaphysics this is known as the universal Law of Non-resistance. Aristotle was all about that shit. “Resistance is the cause of every monstrosity,” he said.

You can be like flowing water. Any obstacle in your way can be used to your advantage. Water doesn’t care about the obstacle, the obstacle’s a non-issue. It only cares about where it’s going. It’s easy to brace yourself against trouble and prepare yourself to fight and conquer – but that’s counterproductive. All you’re doing is asking for more shit.  Instead, understand the obstacle, and then use the benefits it brings. Flow around it, dance with it, make the giant boulder in your way a stepping stone. (How? It helps to know where you’re going.)

3. It also shapes the hardest material.

Obviously. The Grand Canyon, for example. And it creates these incredible sculptures from small, gentle touching over time. It’s tempting when you’re staring at a mountain of a task to surrender to the giant, repeating the limiting mantra: “I can’t do that. I’m not big enough to start my own business/go back to school/find the love of my life/write a book/be successful.”

Nonsense. Start the task, whatever it is, at the beginning. If you don’t know where the beginning is, start at the nearest corner. Start small. Chip away at the little things you already know how to do, even if they are miniscule. Then the next stage of the path will become illuminated, and then the next. Persist – like water, you must persist! Soon you’ll have turned that giant rock into a stunning sculpture.


using water
Here I am with my daughter using water to our advantage.

4. It can change.

It becomes one thing when you expose it to heat, and another thing altogether when you freeze it. Freeze it, melt it, evaporate it, you’re the king of the water! By using different energy vibrations you are changing the very form of the water.

You can also change your own form by changing the vibrations you exist in. Choose a different frequency and see how you change. Think about success and abundance, and see what that does to you. Close your eyes and imagine the moment when you accept the keys to your new business. The girl you’ve fancied for years knocks on your door with a smile. The idea comes for that book you’ve been wanting to write. How does that vibration feel?

Then open your eyes and remember that you’re too small to open a business, you’ll never meet a girl because of your terrible bunions, you can’t write a book because you can’t get your head around apostrophes, and you’ll never see success because you’re useless and rubbish. How does that vibration feel? Awesome? No? Change it back then.

Get in touch if you want to talk about changing from a swampy pool of gloopy water and back to the crystal spring you truly are! (Too far on the water metaphor?)


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