What’s the difference between a galaxy and a birth canal?

white holeCan you believe that scientists now think that the matter and energy that gets sucked into a black hole, squashed into an incredible density that it just seems to vanish, actually might be bursting into a great Big Bang on the other side of what is then called a white hole?

That every black hole in the middle of every galaxy might be like a birth canal for other universes? And that’s happening everywhere all the time? Constant creation, like, constant!!

And it’s been happening since the beginning of everything! Loooooong before our own Big Bang. Jesus Christ

If that’s the case then obviously our universe is just one of an endless sea of universes, a multiverse froth. Think of all the possibilities! Absolutely anything we can think of has to exist in some form somewhere.

But since the universes (or at least our own) are ever expanding (in fact the expansion of our own big pond is speeding up), then there has to be a lot of overlapping, right? We’ve already discovered that we can’t measure the “bruises” that ought to occur if universes “bump” into each other, so either the whole theory is a load of bollocks, or there are Laws of the Universe that we haven’t discovered yet. (Never! Not us! Can’t be!)

We do know that space time is a really flexible thing, so geography isn’t really an issue. Many things can exist in the same place at the same time, and the concept of alternative realities in other dimensions isn’t just science fiction, though I don’t know exactly what it is.

I really like the thought that all of these infinite universes bursting out of galaxy black hole birth canals exist almost as radio channels, on top of each other, everywhere all the time. It isn’t too great a leap for me to wonder if there could be a way to tune into the right channel, bringing into my life the universe that holds the reality that I want. The one where I’m a bestselling author and an impactful minister and live in a stunning log cabin with an endless champagne cellar and am at least 35 lbs less gorgeous and somehow my eyelashes have grown much longer.

It’s a theory a bit similar to what philosophers in metaphysics propose. That you can somehow by using the Law of Thinking tune into the infinite possibilities that exist and, if you can get the frequency just right, command it into being. Call me nuts (people frequently do) but that doesn’t seem altogether unrealistic to me.

I wonder if it’s got anything to do with galaxies giving birth to universes all the time. All the time! Imagine the bodily fluids. Maybe that’s what the mysterious dark matter is.

Just sent the Nobel Prize to my home address and if you can include some champagne that would be great.


2 thoughts on “What’s the difference between a galaxy and a birth canal?

  1. I believe that if we as individuals can tune into vibrations from the universe then we as a species will be able to live in peace and harmony. As Bob Proctor says, ” everything we need is already here, all we have to do is ask for it.” The mulit-verse theory is an interesting one, and one that is not hard to believe if you let your mind open up and allow it to be so. Life is what you make it, and therefor the universe is at your command. Let’s break this wide open and give everyone everything they ever wanted, if that is, they are ready to receive it.

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