My First Book Trailer

What do you think?

A hilarious tale of mystery, adventure and the search for freedom, as angels and humans struggle to navigate their own weaknesses in a complex and fascinating afterlife.

Purgatory is in trouble… In a bureaucratic afterlife where science, theology and utter confusion are entwined, something is preventing the dead from ascending. But the ferryman can’t just stop bringing new arrivals over from the murky shores of death.

Following her own untimely death by house fire, Alice Shepherd has found herself a sensible job as an administrator at the Office of Transition, where she can work to earn enough virtue to finally rest in peace. But when the power-hungry Mayor Fleisch demands she conceals obvious corruption, Alice knows she has no choice but to rally her dead friends and kick some ass. Besides, this could be her chance to redeem herself from the awful guilt she had been running from since she was alive, the one still burning in her gut like steely battery acid.

Can Alice unclog a corrupt system before the streets are overrun by dead people? And what happens when two drunk guardian angels accidentally open the doors to Hell? When unemployment in purgatory hits an all-time high, how can dead souls work towards their redemption? And how will citizens react when the mayor closes the largest oyster-shucking plant in order to build purgatory’s first prison?

This story is like Kevin Smith‘s Dogma meets Terry Pratchett‘s Discworld, where hard-edged humor and dialogue laced with satire colors a vivid world of life and death. Compelling and complex characters bring the purgatorial afterlife to a parallel with our own living world.

Artwork by Danielle Beebe –
Music ‘Bop Step’ by Bob Bradley & Roger Roger

Ascension Denied
A “Jacob’s Ladder” Adventure

by E. A. A. Wilson (ISBN: 978-1-4575-3075-3)

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


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