The Hybrid 4: Update

LJ Oliver Dickens London 2

(The first photo of E A A Wilson and Scott Ciencin as writing duo ‘LJ Oliver’)

Funny things are happening in my hybrid universe this week. As always, here is an update both on the self-published book and the traditionally published book (and I’m finally allowed to tell you who the publisher is!)

Ascension Denied (self-pubbed): The book is well into the interior design phase (I didn’t even know that was a thing in books, it always meant curtains, cushions and fabulously gay men with amazing hair cuts) and Dog Ear Publishing sent me the first proof to check. It looks incredible!

But woe…an error. The book has, of course, been through several rounds of professional editing and copy-proofing, but it goes to show that no matter how fine-toothed a comb you use to painfully drag each imperfection out like a reluctant louse, there is always some hideous imperfection waiting to threaten the fulfillment of all my dreams… My marketing team and I agreed a three week leeway between the final proof approval and the actual release, but there was no way I could get it proofed (AGAIN) in that time. Crumbling, tumbling, fumbling ensued.

But, as always, the universe brings the answer! The next day a friend, who is an English professor at Evansville University, IN, got in touch saying she has a student studying Advance Copy-Proofing (I didn’t know that was a thing either) and desperately needed a manuscript to edit. With a touch of hesitation, I asked when she’d need it by (my next manuscript won’t be ready until Christmas), and she said: immediately. So I tentatively asked how fast her student could turn the proof around. The answer: three weeks! Seriously? As the Law of Attraction dictates: when the universe brings you a solution, take it. Or forever forfeit the right to whinge about your circumstances. (OK, I added the last bit.) So happily back to the drawing board for now! The next update in 21 days!

The Humbug Murders (Simon & Schuster Gallery): YES! It’s true – I can finally tell you the title of the book and the publisher who bought the North American rights. The official announcement went out today in Publisher’s Weekly. I’m writing alongside NY bestselling author Scott Ciencin under the pen name LJ Oliver. How wicked is our photo above? The book is the first in a wicked mystery series featuring Ebenezer Scrooge as the reluctant detective in the decade before his demise and evolution into the mingy churl we all know and love from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

And then, would you believe the random circumstance and utter coincidence (if you believe in such things), I opened my mailbox today to find the signed book contract and my very first real life advance check! It’s official now. It’s real. I’m a bona fide author.

Here ends this week’s update. The Hybrid Life is perplexing and odd, but today was a day that made the insecurity and constant wobbling on the Edge of Risk totally worth it all. Thanks for reading, and see if you like my Facebook page!


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