Six Questions About Self-Publishing (that I’ve been asked this week)

Stories of Light


Standing at the dawn of my dream career like a newborn giraffe stands at the edge of a cliff, I can’t help feeling a little vulnerable whenever someone carefully asks whether or not they may address the elephant in the room: Am I a loser?

These are the top 6 questions I get on how much of a loser I am:

1. Are you self-publishing because you’re too impatient to wait for the right publisher to find you?

‘Ascension Denied’ really isn’t mass market. It’s marginally controversial, mocks religion (and science, and bureaucracy, and business, and art, and abstinence, and beer, and…) So I’d be waiting a very long time. And then, even if a big publishing house did fancy buying the rights to the book, I’d be required to change it to suit their portfolio. My writing partner and I have just done a major revamp on our mass…

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