‘Ascension Denied’ Release Date Announced!



NEWS: To announce the release date of my debut novel ‘Ascension Denied’ we have launched two parallel competitions on Facebook to whet your appetite for this cracking book:

1)      Collect daily nuggets of wisdom and share them with your friends with the ever-enlightening ‘Ascension Ticket of the Day’. Not only will these tickets brighten up your timeline with frequent splashes of humor, but their underlying messages will give you a taste of the themes woven through the novel. The prize? A signed Special Edition hardback copy of ‘Ascension Denied’.

2)      Collect weekly ‘Character Cards’, released every Friday, with insights into the story’s heroes and handymen. Share them to your timeline to be in with the chance to win an exclusive ‘Ascension Denied’ gift set, including but not limited to: a signed paperback copy of ‘Ascension Denied’ and spoilers for the next book.

So go to www.facebook.com/EAAWilsonauthor and Like in order to take part in these amazing opportunities and stay updated with other news.

‘Ascension Denied’ is out 3rd October 2014!



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