The Hybrid 3

ascensiondenied_finalcover_v_box - Copy


An exciting update today!

The mystery novel is DONE and submitted to the publisher – who have promptly drafted a Publisher’s Weekly release. As soon as it’s out I’ll be allowed to announce the title of the book and the name of the publisher!

99 days until my self-published book, Ascension Denied, is officially released! It’s currently in the interior design studio having a make over. I was sent the first interior sample yesterday, and it looks amazing! The icon illustrations by Danielle Beebe came out really well. It’s wicked seeing what’ll be the inside of a cracking book.

The marketing campaign is going well, though it’s a slow burner these early days. The campaign will focus mostly on artwork and social media, so the challenge will be reaching those readers! I’ll take all the help and tips that exists, so please comment below if you have the experience I lack!

If you want to follow the artwork as it’s released over the next 99 days, like my Facebook page:


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