The Hybrid: Update


My two books are coming along well:

Ascension Denied is being self-published and is due for release in October 2014. I had some initial trouble with Abbott Press who concretely refused to allow any flexibility in the pricing of the book, and they had set the price of my book at $38 dollars before the thing was even printed.

“Why would anyone buy my book at $38 when they can get a JK Rowling book for half the price?” I asked them.

“Listen, kid, you ain’t no Rowling,” was the response. Before they’d read a page.

So I said toodle-pip and cheerio to that lot, and went with Dog Ear Publishing instead. They have been supportive, positive and best of all, I set the price of the book. Creative and commercial control: two golden nuggets authors aren’t supposed to have.

The cover is finally done! It’s at the top of this post, what do you think? The amazing cover artist Danielle Beebe really outdid herself with the above cover, and she has done loads more artwork and illustrations from the book. Some of it can be checked out here: The rest will be released over the next few weeks until the book is out, so keep watching or like my Facebook page to collect the amazing and beautiful character cards.

Yes, that’s another point. The website is finally up too, for those who haven’t yet checked it out. News, deals, and all the blurb and the excruciatingly difficult author biography. I really struggled to find a suitable place to mention that I’m an ordained minister, I had to study glacier survival at elementary school in Norway, and that I used to have geese.

The other book (I’m still not allowed to reveal the title or the publisher, even though all the contracts are signed. I’m still learning, but I suppose that means they have some plans for announcing it?) is also doing great – the first draft is due in to the editor in ONE WEEK TODAY so every spare minute is spent on editing and tightening (I owe my three-year old daughter and my ever-suffering husband lots of time and ice cream this summer). The editor is very supportive and completely digs the book, but she had some prescriptions for types of characters and certain plot points that she wanted the book to visit, so that is my first experience with not completely owning the creative process. Swallow the pride and deliver.

I’ve even sent in my W9 and other bureaucratic necessities, and there is no paperwork standing between me and my very first advance check! I get all tingly with pride when I close my eyes and imagine opening the envelope and seeing the very first few pennies that I made from my dream job: imagining things and writing them down. It might be slow, but it’s happening!


Thanks for reading!





2 thoughts on “The Hybrid: Update

  1. Fantastic to hear all of your latest news! I feel like I am going on this adventure with you!! Well done for having the courage to live your dream. You are going to be a raging success!


    1. Thank you, Lianne! It’s a roller coaster, for sure, but well worth the price of the ticket!

      All my love and thanks for reading


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